The brand's journey along the legendary American highways continues successfully

The United States Route 66 or Route 66 was born as a US highway in 1926 and was one of the first federal highways, designed to connect Chicago to the beaches of Santa Monica for a total distance of 3755 kilometers. Used for migration to the east, especially during the Dust Bowl, it supported the economy of the territories crossed and thanks to it many communities thrived. Removed from the American highway system in 1985, it is now called Historic Route 66 and is one of the most popular travel destinations among those who love the atmosphere of the deepest America. The new summer collection of mcs could not be inspired by this myth, the brand born in the 80s to celebrate a man passionate about travel, lover of nature and adventure, the only one who has been able to mix the style of different eras, the legendary west american lifestyle and the culture and quality of Italian fashion.
The historical logo inspired by the legendary Marlboro Man, with a collection strongly inspired by its history and those images that have made it a success as a premium casual brand, speaks to us of a season that pushes on a gritty and elegant casualwear, which expresses biker emotions , marrying an unmistakable masculine country chic. The use of pure cottons, dyed from white to sand, both for coats and for knitwear and shirts, worn overlapped and mixed. A range where the use of denim stands out both for shirts and for classics jackets, even in total look. Mcs is not just a fashion brand, it is a legend that has never stopped making people dream.




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